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Out with the old, In with the new
September 24, 2008, 8:11 pm
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This weeks reading’s were interesting to me because it explained some new concepts on learning that I have not heard prior to the reading. The article by Rose and Myer really enlightened me on the different senses someone uses while learning. I felt like I do my students a disservice by using a book, lecture, and pictures when presenting a lesson (not that I don’t use any multimedia). I had the same feeling of disservice as I read through Yelland’s article, that despite I am using new media in lessons it is with the old “predetermined curriculum.” But as I read more the more I began to feel or come to the realization that these author’s have probably never taught in a school level lower than a two-year college. I do not think it is feasible to use “new media” at all times while teaching lesson’s to elementary through high-school. Feasible in the sense of time and money. I do believe that using new media is a great way to teach the curriculum but the school’s are too pressed for time and money to truly devote their full efforts to using “new media” properly. I think that within the last 20 years technology has advanced so quickly that our system of education is just not equipped to incorporate all that is useful. I think that the only way to be able to do this with any real value will require a major overhaul on education in America. Are we in need of one? I believe so. But the question really is where do we start?


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