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My Three Questions
December 10, 2008, 10:02 pm
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The first question that arose for me from this semester is how in the world are we (as a society) going to allow for equal access to technology? I am all for integrating technology into the curriculum (I am majoring in instructional technology) but I wonder how are we going to ensure that everyone has equal access to the new technologies.

 The second question that arose for me is are we using and relying too much on technology? This really arose within me with the last journal article that we read. I have witnessed students try to rely too much on technology when researching. For example I have seen students attempt to conduct research on a given historical topic by “googling” instead of first looking at their immediate resources (textbook, encylcopedias, etc.). The problem with this is they will have 100,000 + results on the topic from Google that they will need to weed through where they can get information directly from their immediate resources.  

The final question I have is when will schools begin to loosen up their restrictions on  access to various websites? I liked some of the things that we did in class. Such as manage a blog, utilize a wiki, and create a digital story. I would really like to incorporate some of these technologies into my own classroom but I sometimes feel suffocated from the restrictions placed upon us. For example I could not access this blog or the class wiki from my school, despite it being used for educational purposes.


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